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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

4 Ways to Shop Smarter Online

In the last year, over 68% of Americans shopped online—25% of which shop online at least once per month. For many, online shopping is a must because it provides everything at the click of a button. And usually with express shipping! With more and more consumers turning to online retailers instead of brick-and-mortar stores, it’s important that we review a few easy ways to shop smarter online. 


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Tips for Retirees: Planning for a Single Retirement

Saving for retirement involves a lot of planning, calculations, and research for every adult. And while you may think retirement would be easier for unmarried individuals, who don’t have to plan for two, the process can still be complicated. Considering that the U.S. Census states that around half of Americans are reaching retirement without a spouse, it’s necessary that we make sure those single retirees are given the same tools to succeed. Thankfully, there are special strategies for retirement savings that can be helpful for those that retire single. 

Here’s what you need to know:


Friday, December 17, 2021

Amerman and Gaylord Intermediate Celebrate 30 Years!

Alicia G. is an MSR at the Gaylord Branch.
Her training started early as a Teller at the GIS
Student-Run Credit Union in 1996.
School Spotlight: Amerman and Gaylord Intermediate Celebrate 30 Years!

Amerman Elementary, within the Northville Public School district, and Gaylord Intermediate School, in Gaylord, are both celebrating 30 years of partnership with Community Financial! For the past 30 years, select fifth grade students at Amerman and sixth grade students at Gaylord Intermediate have helped to operate the Student-Run Credit Union. In the Student-Run Credit Union (SCU), students are “hired” and learn the business of banking as credit union tellers, branch managers, marketing representatives, computer operators, and accountants. Students at Amerman and Gaylord Intermediate have definitely acquired some valuable work and money-saving skills during our steadfast, 30-year journey together! 


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Beware Cryptocurrency Scams

As one of the hottest investments on the market, cryptocurrency has been enjoying the spotlight for quite a while, and scammers are eager to cash in on the excitement. Cryptocurrency scams are particularly nefarious since the digital currency is not regulated by any government and, once it has transferred hands, it usually cannot be reclaimed. Here’s what you need to know about cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid them. 

How the scams play out 

There are several ways scammers are using cryptocurrency to con people out of their money. 


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Celebrating 10 Years of Warming Hearts & Homes

Community Financial is celebrating 10 Years of our Warming Hearts & Homes charitable giving campaign! This year, to celebrate 10 amazing years of giving, we’re donating $50,000 throughout the month of December to local nonprofit organizations that provide heat, food, shelter, and clothing to Michigan families in need. 

Did you know that each winter millions of Americans struggle to provide heat for their families? Just in Michigan, more than 178,000 households need a home heating credit to keep their furnaces going. Not only that, but 1.9 million Michigan residents are dealing with food insecurity—600,000 more than the year prior. The statistics are staggering. 

We never want to see another family choose between paying utilities and putting food on the table. That’s why Community Financial remains dedicated to providing extra support to the amazing Michigan charitable organizations who help residents keep warm, fed, clothed, and sheltered. 


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