When asked whether they would prefer to meet a man or a bear, while walking in the woods, most women said… the bear.

When 54% of women in America experience contact sexual violence and 47% suffer from Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence, this eye-opening admission isn’t a surprise.

Taken together with the facts that many women stay with abusive partners due to economic abuse and that up to 99% of domestic violence includes economic abuse, this ongoing status quo is unacceptable. Especially in a country that prides itself as the land of the free. 
At Community Financial, we say enough is enough. As a not-for-profit credit union created to improve the lives of our local communities, to stand with people in the bright spots, the dark moments, and all the harried vibrations in between, we’re dedicating ourselves to helping women escape economic abuse and regain the promise of freedom that this country was founded on. 

Changing their trajectory and improving their outcomes for the better. 
Life’s true currency is love. And, together, we can change things for the better. 
Walk with us. Choose The Bear™. Because the bear can help. 

Stay Safe.

Digital Safety Tips

Protect yourself! To minimize the chances of someone knowing that you are researching information about domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, follow these tips

Resources for Help

Alert! If you are in immediate danger dial 911. 

1 in 2

have reported contact sexual violence.1
1 in 2

suffer Intimate Partner Violence.2
The Economic

of SA and IPV/DV survivors is negatively affected by abuse.3, 4, 5

Economic Abuse Awareness

of domestic violence survivors have also experienced economic abuse. 6
3 in 4
say they stayed with their abusive partners longer because of economic abuse. 7
$3.1 to $3.6

The economic burden of the SA and IPV/DV survivor population over their lifetimes. 8, 9

Path to Recovery

How Choosing The Bear™ Can Help

Since 2021, Community Financial and the Relentless Care Foundation have contributed or committed over $107,250 to organizations and programs working to support survivors escaping sexual or domestic violence. Choose The Bear™ is the next evolution of our commitment to doing good for our communities. Which is why we’re proud to offer a number of potential financial lifelines to help survivors pivot their economic outlooks for the better.


Lori Kitchen-Bushel

"Community Financial is a partner to First Step in the truest sense of the word. Yes, they are financial contributors and volunteers, but also so much more. They ideate, create new offerings for our clients, support the needs of our staff, and do the tough work of bringing the impacts of domestic violence and intimate partner violence to light. We’re grateful for their courage and heart, and are proud to walk alongside them."

Lori Kitchen-Bushel, Executive Director, First Step

CloseEnuff™ Checking

A new cash flow boosting checking account that eliminates unexpected fees with an automatic $50 overdraft buffer. If you accidentally spend over your balance by up to $50, that’s CloseEnuff™. We won’t charge you. Free to use and only $5 to open with no minimum balance.
Learn more >

Buy Now. Pay Later

Switch big purchases to easier to handle payments right from our digital banking app and website. Even up to 60 days after the buy. Available with a CloseEnuff™ account. 
Learn more >

Early Pay

Avoid scraping through until payday. Get your paycheck up to two days earlier with this free service. Available with a CloseEnuff™ account.
Learn more >

High Yield Savings Accounts

Save up your money faster with a no-fee High Yield Savings account that provides boosted APY on small balances.
Learn more > 

CDs and IRAs

Certificates of Deposit and IRAs can be a “set it and forget it” way to save up over time. How much you can earn depends on the amount, term, and rate.
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Emergence Credit Card

An easily accessible emergency credit card automatically approved for up to a $500 limit. Approved regardless of credit rating, no previous credit needed. No monthly, annual or transactions fees.
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Grow Your Change

Save automatically with everyday purchases on a Community Financial Debit Card. We’ll round up the amount of daily transactions to the nearest whole dollar and transfer that change from your checking account to your Grow Your Change savings.
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Domestic Violence Support Loans

At Community Financial, we are committed to supporting survivors of domestic violence. In partnership with First Step, we are offering a special loan program designed to help survivors gain stable footing and transition to a safer environment. This program is currently available by referral through First Step in Michigan. 

We plan to extend this program to more partners in the near future to reach and support more survivors. Stay tuned to this page for more updates. 


Stay Safe.

First Step Hotline

Community Financial Credit Union team members assisting you are not medical or mental health professionals but will connect you with available resources. For assistance contact the professionals at First Step’s 24-hour helpline at 734.722.6800.

What to expect when you connect with us

We are here to provide confidential, compassionate financial support and tools for abuse survivors looking to exit their current situation and regain independence. We will listen to your story. We will work with you to understand your situation and your needs. We will refer you to local advocates and supportive providers. We will work to provide the services that make the most sense for your plan. And, in many communities, we’re right around the corner. Call our Community Financial Care Center at (877) 937-2328 to learn more and get started.

How to safely get started


Connect with your local support resource 

See above or tap to find your local providers here. Trained, experienced, confidential providers can help guide you through the process and provide resources to help, often at no charge. 

Connect with Community Financial

Call our Community Financial Care Center at (877) 937-2328 to learn how to set up an account and learn more about financial services that can help you make your way to a safer, independent future.

The trail doesn't end here…

We are constantly evolving to continue better serving our community members in need. If we’ve helped you achieve your financial independence, please reach out so that we can learn from your experience to keep improving our services and help more people in our communities.

Future Services & Support

We are actively working with our domestic abuse and sexual assault resource partners to activate new services to help women regain their financial independence. Here are just a few things we’re developing currently, but please watch this space for more.


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