School Spotlight: Liberty Middle School and Financial Online Resources for Middle School Students

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 12/11/2020

This school year has been a journey (to say the least) for everyone involved. However, through the lens of technology, many new paths have been created on this journey. When school was canceled in March of last year, Education Partnership Coordinators at Community Financial went to work to help teachers engage students in virtual financial education. Life Management teacher, Colleen Ramirez, at Liberty Middle School in Canton, welcomed the help provided. Seventh grade students in Mrs. Ramirez’s classes have had several opportunities to engage in financial education, via online and Zoom classes, with our Education Partnership Coordinators at Community Financial.

Education Partnership Coordinator, Erin Ilg, 
answering LME seventh graders’ 
budgeting questions via Zoom.
Virtual Mad City Money, a Budgeting Experience via Distance Learning

Seventh grade students in Mrs. Ramirez’s Life Management classes recently participated in a virtual budgeting simulation called Mad City Money. Mad City Money is a reality simulation designed to engage students in making money-smart adult choices. Students begin Mad City Money with a profession and a set salary. After students are taught about credit card debt, student loan payments, and setting a monthly budget, they are tasked to choose their transportation, housing, child care, home essentials, food, clothing, etc. The goal is for students to build a monthly budget within their means.

Education Partnership Coordinator, Erin Ilg, engaged with students via video-recorded lessons, Zoom sessions, and by using a Padlet to navigate and assist students to make their budget-friendly choices. 

Students chose housing, transportation, meals,
child care, etc. by watching short video tutorials.

A view of the Padlet students used to navigate
the Mad City Money stations virtually.

A view of the classroom.  Teaching financial
education definitely looks different this year!

Mad city money was a fun project and it showed me what
I can spend and what I should save. This project helped me with
 money skills and I learned many things!”
- Kylie Weissman, 7th Grade LME Student testimonial.

Other Financial Resources for Middle School Students Offered

In addition to Community Financial’s online lessons and videos helping teachers and students engage in virtual financial education, below are some extra resources useful for middle school students and parents to explore at home as well:

If you have any questions about Community Financial’s award-winning Student-Run Credit Union program, please contact Assistant Manager/Community Relations Mary Kerwin at

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