School Spotlight: Coolidge Elementary Starts Early with Financial Education

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 3/15/2019
Education Partnership Coordinator, Amy Fava,
uses the book Arthur’s Pet Business by:
Marc Brown to introduce second grade
to key economic concepts.
Community Financial believes it’s important for all students to receive financial education. The money management skills students learn through our Student-Run Credit Union program and our financially-based classroom presentations set the tone for a positive financial future.

Coolidge Elementary School in Livonia partners with Community Financial to jump-start their students’ financial confidence at an early age. Take a look at these awesome students from Coolidge Elementary learning about opportunity costs, goods and services, and what a business plan is with Education Partnership Coordinator, Amy Fava.

Coolidge Elementary second graders learn about
creating their own business plans!

Coolidge Elementary second graders creating
their very own business plans!

Applying Math Curriculum with Real-World Experience

Coolidge students getting hands-on,
real-world math experience volunteering
at the Student-Run Credit Union. 
Our Student-Run Credit Union program reinforces many of the math standards that the amazing Coolidge teachers are already teaching their students every day! Fourth grade Student-Run Credit Union volunteers receive hands-on, real-world math experience each time they work. From decimals, to adding and subtracting whole numbers, estimation and mental math, students are not only deepening their understanding of these concepts, but learning how to apply them in real-world situations.

Seeing the benefit of how these concepts help them in everyday life increases their willingness to learn and apply them. Math standards are not the only concepts students are learning within the program. Writing, spelling, creativity, and exhibiting personal style are all components as well!

Coolidge students getting hands-on, real-world
math experience volunteering at the
Student-Run Credit Union.
Marketing student volunteers exhibiting
personal style while advertising the Student-Run
Credit Union’s next deposit day.

Bringing Financial Education to You

Coolidge Elementary School’s Winter Volunteers
Community Financial wants to reach as many students as possible through financial education. From helping students identify coins and money basics, to budgeting, investing, and learning about good credit, we are dedicated to engaging students with relevant financial concepts and reinforcing curriculum wherever we can.

Please contact Supervisor/Education Partnerships, Mary Kerwin, at 734-582-8528 for classroom presentations, Student-Run Credit Union program information, girl or boy scout presentations, or for other financial needs. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our award-winning Student-Run Credit Union program and other student services.

Your Turn:What ways do you reinforce financial concepts with your children at home?

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