School Spotlight: Looking Back and Moving Forward!

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 10/15/2021

Two thumbs up for Zombie Math!
Community Financial’s Education Partnership Coordinators are once again ready and eager to start a new school year filled with financial education and Student-Run Credit Unions! Last year, with many schools going virtual and in-person visits at a minimum, financial education looked a little different (with many presentations done virtually). Nevertheless, lots of learning opportunities took place! We look back on a year of enormous challenges, but with lots of positives and growth in-between with all of our amazing Education Partnership Coordinators, students, and school partnerships!

Coordinator Amy Fava conducting a virtual
Zoom presentation for Rosedale
Elementary School students.
Banzai Sponsorships Continue

Community Financial will continue this year to sponsor Banzai, an online financial education program for our partnering schools in Livonia, Belleville, Westland, Gaylord, Lewiston, Canton Preparatory High School, and New School High. With our sponsorship, teachers are able to teach the program free of charge, bringing easy-to-access financial education tools direct to the classroom. It also allows teachers to connect with our Education Partnership Coordinators if desired, for in-person or virtual presentations. We are excited to continue our partnership with the online financial platform Banzai, sponsoring the program for schools interested in online, financial scenarios and educational tools.   

Coordinator Julie Blaylock facilitating a
virtual story time for students.
"Arthur's Pet Business" is a favorite!

Reality Fairs for Teens Also Resume 

Coordinator Michelle Richards helping a
student calculate her monthly expenses.

The Reality Fair, developed by CUNA (The Credit Union National Association), is used by credit unions around Michigan. This program is designed to allow high school students to see the value in making money-wise choices.  Students begin the Reality Fair by receiving a profession with a set salary and credit score. After students are taught about credit card debt, credit scores, student loan payments, and setting up a monthly budget, they are tasked to choose their transportation, housing, child care, home essentials, food, clothing, etc. The goal is for students to build a monthly budget within their set means, and learn about the value of balancing their needs and wants along the way. 

Last year, we made the Reality Fair a virtual or in-person simulation that could be done in a single class period, which allowed even more schools to host the event amid the pandemic and quarantine. We will continue to offer the Reality Fair

CEO Bill Lawton helping students understand
the concept of spending wisely.

, both virtually and in-person, to high schools around our communities. 

Would you like more information about Community Financial's financial tools like the Reality Fair and Banzai? Please contact Assistant Manager/Community Relations, Mary Kerwin, at to get involved in your child's financial future today! 

“Adulting” can be harder than it looks!

Your Turn:  What are some ways in which you are moving forward with your finances in 2021? Share your plans with us in the comments!

Remember, making good decisions is
critical to financial success!

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