Financing your college education can be a challenge. If Federal loans are not enough, or unavailable, to cover your educational expenses, a Community Financial Private Student Loan may help fill the void. Our private student loans do not have a need based component so they are open to all members.

Program Overview & Eligibility Requirements

Consolidate Your Private Student Loans

Did you know you could consolidate your outstanding student loans at Community Financial?  Just think one low payment to someone you trust and rate discounts with auto pay from checking.  It's easier than you may think.

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Let Community Financial help you to a brighter future!

Learning Module: Student Loans

Attending college soon? Understand the different costs of college and learn more about the different ways you can save. Try our calculator to estimate your financial aid and out-of-pocket college costs in our Money Matter$ eLearning Center.

Ways to Pay for College

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