School Spotlight: Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy Students Grow Their Savings Early!

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 1/15/2021

Education Partnership Coordinator, Amy Pashukewich,
arrives ready and eager for a socially-distanced, masked deposit day! 
Students at Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy (PSCA), in Plymouth, are exposed early on to money management skills through Community Financial’s Student-Run Credit Union program.  Students in all grades at PSCA are able to make deposits to their Community Financial savings accounts once a month, and are given fun incentives to do so!  This year, Education Partnership Coordinator, Amy Pashukewich, worked with PSCA administration to devise a plan for students to continue to save their money at school, even during a pandemic! 

Students at PSCA put their deposits in a locked box
that traveled with Education Partnership Coordinator, Amy Pashukewich, from classroom to classroom. 
After making their deposits, students were able to pick a coin pouch as a prize.  

A PSCA student posing with our mascot,
D. Pozit, after saving her money.
The Importance of Saving Early for Financial Success

Saving money is not an easy task for anyone.  The urge to spend is sometimes hard to overcome.  But saving money from an early age can be incredibly rewarding.  The money you save as a student can add up very quickly! 

Every year, Education Partnership Coordinators hear students’ saving success stories, and about how impactful the Student-Run Credit Union program has been to themselves, sons/daughters, etc.!  Many of these stories include how much money students have been able to save from a young age.  Last year, a grandmother shared that her grandson had enough money saved for a down payment on a car already.  He was an incoming 6thgrader!  Even though it’s difficult to save your money (especially during a pandemic), there are opportunities to do so, and Community Financial will continue to work diligently to find ways for students to save their money whenever possible. 

If you would like more information about the Student-Run Credit Union, or you would like to open a youth savings account, please visit our website at  In addition, Community Financial offers many different types of savings accounts as well.  For more information, visit:



Your Turn: What are some of your savings success stories from the Student-Run Credit Union?

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