Goodbye, annoying fees. Hello, CloseEnuff™.

Introducing cashflow boosting checking—only from Community Financial!

We’re introducing CloseEnuff™, a cashflow boosting checking account to help our members collectively save an estimated $1.2 million a year, with that number only increasing every year.

A Michigan first. Just for you.

Because we believe that your money should be yours, we’re stepping up as the first in Michigan to eliminate our reliance on annoying banking fees with CloseEnuff™. All with the goal of bringing your personal dreams closer than ever.


Don’t let silly fees ruin the party.

It’s ok if you go a little overboard, because if you’re within $50 of your balance that’s CloseEnuff™. We won’t charge you unless you exceed it.*

And our mission to keep your money where it belongs doesn’t stop there:

  • We’ve completely eliminated the overdraft transfer fee of $4
  • We’ve reduced the non-sufficient funds fee (NSF) from $25 to $9, which is all you’ll pay if you go beyond the $50 safe zone
  • And if you previously opted in and qualified for Courtesy Pay, the cushion has increased from $5 to $50

All because your money is your money, and we want you to keep more of it. So, wave buh-bye to watching your account on the daily… and hello to not having to worry about surprise fees killing your hard-earned cashflow with every little purchase.

Like a bearhug for your financial wellbeing.

CloseEnuff™ is only the beginning. Explore even more helpful ways that we’re here for you every day:


CloseEnuff™ Frequently Asked Questions



Supermom. Boss. Money maven.

Bobbi “Bob” finds belonging with financial tools that boost her cash flow.

If you tackle motherhood AND business like a pro, you Belong here. Because we’ve got your back with financial tools designed by moms for moms. Like CloseEnuff™ cash flow boosting checking, Early Pay and Buy Now. Pay Later right on your smart phone.

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* A Courtesy Pay Fee will not be charged if account is overdrawn up to $50. If an overdraft is paid by Community Financial Credit Union, a deposit must be made to bring the account back to a positive balance. Regular fees for overdrafts will otherwise apply. Overdraft transfer service links your checking account with your other accounts at Community Financial Credit Union. There is no fee for this service. For more details on transaction limits and terms and conditions of these products, please refer to the Account Fee Schedule.

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