School Spotlight: Edison Elementary Students Learn on the Job!

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 5/17/2019
Edison Elementary’s Student-Run CU
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, with Community
Financial’s Westland Branch Manager
Shawn Campion and Education Partnership
Coordinator, Karie Gonczy.
Edison Elementary Volunteers are Beginning Their Journey to Financial Success!
Community Financial has continued to grow our Student-Run Credit Union program since its beginning in 1990. Edison Elementary School in Westland was another added partnership this year! Edison Elementary students, teachers, and staff have jumped at the opportunity of teaching financial education at Edison.

Check out these pics of Edison Elementary’s winter volunteers taking the reins, ready to assist student members and continuing the outstanding service from the fall.

A student volunteer exudes
professionalism by offering a
handshake to a student member.  
Edison Students Learn Job-Related Skills
Students who volunteer at our Student-Run Credit Unions learn job-related skills throughout the year. Volunteers are taught professionalism, integrity, and the value of making mistakes. Volunteers are instructed to greet student members in a pleasant manner, to dress appropriately (each student receives a Community Financial t-shirt), and to keep conversations appropriate. Other job-related skills volunteers are taught include: punctuality, offering to help others, staying positive, and asking for help if a mistake is made.

Parent helpers are wonderful assets
to oversee student professionalism
and service excellence.
The way someone conducts themselves while doing a job is noticed in any work environment. For many of our Student-Run Credit Union volunteers, this is their first job experience. It is important for our Community Financial staff and parent helpers to assist whenever they can to make the Student Credit Union experience encouraging for all involved. Reinforcing positive job-related skills provides the framework for our student volunteers to excel in their future endeavors.

Your Turn: What job-related skills do you find important for students to have at an early age?

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