How to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 5/31/2022

When it comes to your career, it’s important to plan and think about ways to reach your goals. Whether that be a great promotion, heading up a favorite project, or furthering your education, making yourself indispensable at work can help you reach all of these goals and more! To make yourself indispensable at work, follow the tips below:

Maintain High Standards

In the workplace, good enough is never truly good enough. Keep your standards high and aim for excellence in every project you work on, or task you complete. Review your official job expectations often to see if you measure up and keep yourself in the loop of the company’s evolving goals and vision. To help yourself along this course, check in with your manager often for progress reports and to see what, if anything, you might be able to do better.

Go Beyond Expectations

Going above and beyond what’s expected of you will place you in a favorable position in the eyes of management. Be that employee who volunteers to be in charge of extra projects, help train a new team member, and put in paid overtime during the busy season. You’ll quickly gain a name as a dependable employee who is willing to go the extra mile for the team.

One great way to go beyond expectations is to create new projects or ideas that can benefit your team or company as a whole. Is there a process that can be streamlined or a paper form that can be transferred to a digital one? Look for the low-hanging fruit: things that can be solved easily but may have been overlooked through the years. These are perfect projects to help put you ahead of the curve.

Learn an Exclusive Skill

A great way to make yourself indispensable at work is to master something requiring a particular skill. This could be knowing how to use a specific computer program or even a piece of office equipment that’s hard to operate, so long as you’re the one who does the job best. Become the go-to person when that job needs done and you’ll be an employee everyone wants to keep around.

Looking for a way to learn new skills without having to shell out tons of money? Harvard University’s “HarvardX” is an online catalogue of hundreds of courses that you can take for free! Check out their catalogue for extra ways to jumpstart your career and learn something new.

Be the Team Member You’d Want to Work With

How you get the job done is just as important as the end result. Be sure to work with your co-workers, taking their opinions into account and asking for, or offering, assistance when warranted. Be the team member you’d want to have on your team to really set yourself ahead of the pack. Go into all conversations with empathy and an open-mind, collaborating with others to further you and your team’s goals.

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