8 Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Income

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 6/4/2019
Who wouldn’t love some extra pocket money? These days it seems like most people have a side hustle. These freelance jobs don’t require any experience and can be done by practically anyone. Plus, some of them might pay you for tasks you’re already doing! Read on for eight side hustle ideas and to see if one may be right for you.

1.) Play with dogs
When you offer your services as a dog-walker or pet-sitter, you can charge as much as $25 an hour, depending on the going rate in your area. Hang flyers to advertise your services or sign up with Rover or Wag!, services that match pet owners with sitters or walkers for a small fee.

2.) Social media guru
Offer your services to local and remote businesses as their social media brander. Depending on your skill set, you can write the company blog posts, manage their Facebook page, post new pics on Instagram and send out their tweets.

3.) Yard work
Do you wield real power with a weed-whacker? Are you an expert lawn mower? Get paid for tending to people’s yards. You can charge by the hour or per job. Check out some other local yard workers to get an idea of fair asking prices.

4.) Take online surveys for pay
Make the time you spend online count by taking surveys on sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Most of these sites will pay you as soon as you complete a survey. It’s an easy way to pad your wallet with extra cash.

5.) Turn trashed items into treasure
Take a spin around the neighborhood, scouring each block for curbside furniture in decent working condition. Haul your finds home and get to work, refinishing, painting, changing drawer pulls and more to give the tossed piece of furniture a second chance. Then, put it up for sale at a local flea market or sell it online. You may be able to turn a trashed piece of furniture into several hundred dollars.

6.) Work for Uber
The ride-sharing giant Uber allows you to set your own schedule and decide how many hours you want to devote to driving passengers. If you don’t like the idea of strangers riding in your car, work for Uber Eats instead. With this side hustle, you get paid to pick up fast-food meals and deliver them to customers, with Uber’s same flexible terms.

7.) It’s fair time!
Spend some time researching community fairs in your area. Is there a fair or festival scheduled that features a special talent of yours? You can earn hundreds of dollars in award prizes just for doing something you enjoy.

8.) Tutor
Are you a geometry whiz or a science buff? Offer your services as an individual tutor for school-aged children and you’ll have a meaningful way of earning some extra money. Use this list to find the side hustle that works for you and start boosting your income.

Your Turn: Do you have a side job you love? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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