School Spotlight: Staying Positive at Wixom Elementary!

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 10/15/2020

Community Financial’s Wixom branch opened to members in 2018.  Since then, our school partnerships within the Walled Lake Consolidated School District have begun!  Wixom Elementary joined in partnership with Community Financial in the fall of 2019.  Wixom Elementary’s Student-Run Credit Union volunteers and members demonstrated how to be positive, and have fun, all while learning valuable work skills.

The “Grand Opening” of the Wixom Student-Run Credit Union, with the first shift of student volunteers.

Student marketing representatives create posters to advertise how important saving your money is.
Student tellers posing for the camera while waiting for student members to save their money.

Continuing to Stay Positive in Challenging Times

Community Financial is here to support its student members and school partnerships throughout these ever-changing, challenging times.  With many schools moving to online-learning platforms in the 2020/2021 school year, we continue to communicate with all of our school partnerships to ensure safety and positivity. 

In March, just after Wixom Elementary’s last shift of fourth grade student volunteers were trained and ready to perform their jobs at the Student-Run Credit Union, schools were suddenly closed due to Covid-19.  Last year’s fourth grade volunteers were very disappointed! This year, however, we will strive to honor our commitment to them. 

As soon as it is safe to do so, fifth grade student volunteers who missed out last year will be able to perform their previous jobs at the Student-Run Credit Union, alongside our new fourth grade student volunteers.  We are committed to staying positive as this new school year starts to unfold!  Hopefully our Student-Run Credit Unions will be able to operate again this year, even if they may look a little different.

Last year’s fourth grade students being interviewed for their positions at the Wixom Student-Run Credit Union.  We hope those who were unable to volunteer will have a chance this year!    

While we wait for it to be safe to operate our Student-Run Credit Unions again, Education Partnership Coordinators continue to offer video-recorded financial and business education lessons, as well as live Zoom lessons for teachers and students.  We continue to stay positive and look for creative ways to partner with our schools and student members.  Check out our youth webpage to view some of these lessons at    

Right Here, Right For You

If you or your family is in need of any financial support during this time, please feel free to contact us at 877-937-2328, or visit our website at  We continue to be right here, right for you. 


Your Turn: What are some ways you are staying positive during this new school year? Share with us your online-learning stories in the comments!

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