Ready, Set, Go… to College

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 5/15/2018
It may seem like yesterday when you were sending your child off to preschool. And now you’re preparing him/her for college! Having your son or daughter attend college or trade school is a major milestone, but it can also bring on a lot of stress if you’re feeling unprepared! There are some things your student can do to help smooth the transition.

1. Medical Preparation 
Have your child schedule any necessary doctors’ appointments now. Check that all immunizations are current and ask the doctor to fill out college medical forms and to write prescriptions for ongoing medications. Make sure your son or daughter has easy access to their medical insurance information and that it’s in place before they leave. You’ll also want to discuss HIPAA authorization forms, in case your student is hospitalized due to an accident or health emergency while away. Medical personnel will not be able to consult with you without your student’s consent through this form.

2. Resolve Any High School Issues
Double check with the high school that the latest transcripts have been sent to the college. Request all high school records, including testing results.

3. Ease the Transition
Spend some time looking at the course catalog with your child, discussing classes of interest and guiding them through their course selection. Look at a campus map together to identify important locations they will need to visit throughout their college years.

4. Pack Up 
Have your future college student make a list of things they need to pack during the summer. Check off each item as you purchase and pack it. Labeling items may also help prevent loss.

5. Techie Stuff 
Make sure your student’s technology is up-to-date. Does she need a new computer or a used upgrade? It’s easier to take care of this while at home. Have your son or daughter login to their college’s online portal to get familiar with it and the information that is available.

6. Finances 
If your child does not have one yet, you may want to open an account that includes a debit card. Discuss how much money will be available to them. All Community Financial members ages 13 to 23 are also automatically enrolled in our Student Club which offers them:

7. Thinking Ahead 
Talk about how you will keep in touch with each other. Are you comfortable with email only? Do you want a phone call or video call once a week? Clarify this before the big day to avoid misunderstandings. You can also talk about ways to combat stress at school.

Your turn: Do you have a child leaving for college soon? How are you both preparing for this major milestone? Share your best tips with us in the comments!

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