School Spotlight: New School High Learns Real-Life Skills with the Student-Run Credit Union Program

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 6/19/2020
Education Partnership Coordinator, Kristen La Forest,
brings financial education to NSH students via the
Student-Run Credit Union program.

New School High (NSH), a charter high school located in Risen Christ Lutheran Church in Plymouth, is in their fifth year of partnership with our Student-Run Credit Union program.  Education Partnership Coordinator, Kristen La Forest, works with teachers to provide financial education to students throughout the school year.  Presentation topics include: checking, money management, and credit.  Kristen also helps facilitate the Student-Run Credit Union once a month at NSH during lunch. 

Mock Interviews at NSH

Each spring, Community Financial staff assists NSH students by providing mock interviews.  Going through the interview process is a life skill, and students improve the more they are given the opportunity to practice.  Community Financial team members assist students by giving feedback on their interview attire, body language, well-developed/appropriate answers to interview questions, and how to develop engaging follow-up inquiries.  Unfortunately, this year’s mock interviews were canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but here are some pictures from last year’s mock interviews at NSH:    
NSH students practice their interviewing
skills with Community Financial staff.
NSH students practice their interviewing
skills with Community Financial staff.

Some students at NSH have yet to secure their first job, while others have already been through their first set of formal interviews.
  Our ongoing partnership with NSH helps students relax and feel comfortable by offering a safe and welcoming environment where students can practice these new and developing skills.  Next year, before students begin to look for summer jobs, Community Financial staff will once again be ready to assist students with their interviewing endeavors! 

2019 Community Financial mock interview volunteer staff.  

If you would like more information about our Student-Run Credit Union program, please contact Assistant Manager of Community Relations, Mary Kerwin, at 

Your Turn:

What are some interview tips that you have learned?  Share them with us!

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