School Spotlight: Hillside Middle School Students Continue to Save

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 2/21/2020
Hillside Middle School Student-Run
Credit Union first semester volunteers
Hillside Middle School in Northville provides students with the continued opportunity to save their money at school with Community Financial’s Student-Run Credit Union program. Many students have been saving their money since elementary school at Thornton Creek, Amerman, and Moraine within the Northville School District.

So, what are middle school students saving for these days? A phone, a down payment on a car, video games, college, and clothing are just a few examples. Although the list is wide-ranging, maintaining good money-saving habits during middle school is important for a student’s future financial success.

Check out what these Hillside students are saving for!

Middle School, Social Media, and Teaching Money-Smart Contentment

Middle school is a difficult time in many students’ lives. Trying to navigate social media is another equation that students today are trying to figure out. Seeing social media posts of friends getting new phones, going on new adventures, and buying new trendy clothes, can be overwhelming. The pressure to impulse-buy can be strong.

By teaching middle school students about being content with what they have, students will learn to resist the temptations of frivolous over-spending. Just because a friend had a huge birthday party posted on social media, does not mean you can’t have a memorable one without spending your life’s savings. Teaching contentment is an on-going battle for middle school parents. Having students set money goals, allowing them to have savings accounts, and teaching them the value of money will help with this endeavor.

Your Turn: How do you teach or practice money-smart contentment? What are some ways you resist the temptations to impulse-buy?

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