8 Ways for Kids to Make Money This Summer

Authored By: Community Financial Credit Union on 5/21/2019
The best way to teach children financial responsibility is by encouraging them to earn and manage money on their own. As the weather warms and summer nears, there are many opportunities for your kids to pull in some extra money.

The next time they ask you to buy something that’s out of budget, tell them they can earn the money to buy it themselves. As an alternative, suggest that you’ll cover half the cost if they earn the other half. Talk to them about finding a summer job, the work they can do on weekends, or suggest a one-time gig they can initiate.

Let’s take a look at 8 easy ways your kids can earn some extra cash this summer.

1. Help a senior
Your pre-teen can be a huge help to a local senior while earning money on the side. Let your child run some errands, take out the trash, clean the litter box or just chat with a lonely senior.

2. Hold a yard sale
Spring-cleaning season is the perfect time to host a yard sale. Let your kids be in charge by having them choose the items to feature, set prices and run it. You’ll want to be available to oversee things, but let them make most decisions on their own.

3. Do yard work
If your children are old enough to handle a gas-powered mower and can be relied upon to trim shrubs and weed gardens, let them offer yard work as a service.

4. Help with pets
Let your kids walk dogs around the neighborhood and offer to pet-sit. If your child is truly a budding entrepreneur and has the skills, they can set up a pet-grooming station out in the yard.

5. Be junior tech-support
Generation Z kids are practically born holding smartphones. Let your kids use those skills to help older folks who may not be as tech-savvy. They can offer to organize digital photos, assist with data entry or help set up a Facebook page.

6. Help a parent
Your child may be too young to babysit alone, but he or she can offer services in assisting a neighborhood parent while their at home.

7. Collect recyclables
Help your child gather empty bottles, cans, cardboard boxes and newspapers to bring to a recycling plant. You’ll be keeping the planet green and helping your child earn pocket money at the same time.

8. Wash cars
Let your children try out their car-washing skills on the family car. Once they have the technique down, they can offer car washing services to the neighborhood. Your neighbors will cross another weekend chore off their list and your child will be learning that hard work can pay off.

Your Turn: How do your kids earn money? Tell us about it in the comments.

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