Build the Blueprint of Your Life With Fin-Life
Financial planning should be accessible to everyone, not just the ultra-wealthy or people who work in the industry, yet so many of us don't have the tools or resources to do so. CFCU is proud to introduce, Fin-Life by Pocketnest, a financial wellness app that uses behavioral science and psychology to create a financial plan entirely unique for you, and it's FREE! Download the mobile app, create your account, and link your CFCU account & you’ll get access to:
  • Guided education on 10 financial-themed topics (saving for retirement, building a budget, where to invest, etc.)
  • Customized financial plan supported by your personal spending/saving habits
  • Personalized tips and to-dos
  • Debt elimination strategy 

Spending just 3 minutes on the app each week will help you achieve your own personal financial health goals and build the blueprint of the future you want. 

Ready to start planning? Follow the instructions below for a look at how to get started!
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