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Low-rate, high-reward credit cards with no annual fees for a truly rewarding experience!

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Card Activation & PIN

To activate your credit card, please call (800) 631-3197 from your primary phone number.
To create or change your PIN number, please call (888) 886-0083 from your primary phone number.


Spend and earn!

Use your new credit card for 10 purchases between 5/19 and 6/30 to earn extra bonuses!

World, Business or Platinum Rewards cardholder? If you use your new Community Financial credit card for 10 purchases from 5/19 to 6/30, you’ll get 5,190 points! Platinum cardholder? Do the same and you’ll receive $51.90 in a statement credit! Consider it a thanks for your membership and a little something for your help with the new card rollout.

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Our Credit Card Options

Platinum Credit Card Sample

Platinum Mastercard®

A simple, fixed-rate, and no-fuss card for building credit and taking care of the day-to-day.  



Platinum Rewards Credit Card Sample

Platinum Rewards Mastercard®

Hassle-free, but chock-full of rewards. Celebrate your spending just as much as your earnings. 



World Credit Card Sample

World Mastercard®

Michigan is the best – but if your vacation takes you elsewhere, then do it in style. 



Business Credit Card Sample

Business Mastercard®

With supercharged points, the same old expenses are giving your business a bigger edge. 



Benefits for all!

Your Card Supports...

Your credit card spending supports you, above all else! We’ve taken special care to offer credit card options that keep fees to a minimum while providing you with the best, most varied rewards possible.

Your credit card also supports Michigan, and our local communities. As a not-for-profit financial institution, we’ve dedicated ourselves to spreading care and inclusivity throughout our state. We want to make our shared areas a better place for all of us, and that’s being realized in many forms: educational support, housing initiatives, food banks, and a heck of a lot more.

Not to brag… but the full story of our local dedication is a good one. Our members are all Michiganders, after all. It’s a no-brainer to put them and the mitten state first!

The Community Financial Emergence Credit Card

We’re here to support our members’ good times, but we’ll walk with them through the challenging stuff, too.

In the face of an emergency, we want to help our members give their full attention to the health and safety of themselves, their family, and loved ones – without having to focus on the financial impact as well. We never want our members to wonder whether they can afford to make it through a crisis. No matter the emergency, we’re here to help.

Community Financial Emergence Credit Card

  • Automatically approved up to a $500 limit
  • Approved regardless of credit rating, no previous credit needed 
  • No monthly, annual, or transaction fees 
  • Available as a fixed-rate Platinum Mastercard® or a variable-rate Platinum Rewards Mastercard® 
  • The same security and management features included with other Community Financial credit cards 


Fraud and Protection Information

We take the security of your account(s), information, and finances seriously. We will never call, text, or email you asking for personal or account information such as card number, PIN, security code, login information, etc.

Visit our Fraud Protection page to learn more about the security features we offer.


View the Community Financial Mastercard® Credit Card Rate Disclosure here.
View the Community Financial Mastercard® Cardholder Agreement here.

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