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Novi Public Library

Posted By: Mary Robinson (June 5, 2019)
Libraries are known places of learning, exploration, creativity, accessibility and sharing, as demonstrated in our motto of Inform. Inspire. Include = i³ or i-cubed. We are excited to see NPL’s iCube makerspace be a physical extension of these traits. In this fun, new space, visitors are encouraged to play, explore and try a variety of equipment and resources.

As stated in the recent NYTimes article, Your Surgeon’s Childhood Hobbies May Affect Your Health, “Medical schools are noticing a decline in students’ dexterity, possibly from spending time swiping screens rather than developing fine motor skills through woodworking and sewing.” Spaces such as the Novi iCube are necessary. Community Financial Credit Union’s Summer of Sharing contribution will go a long way in providing programs, activities and equipment for hands-on experiences that will inspire creativity and stretch the imagination.
NPL’s iCube Makerspace opens on Sat., June 22, 2019. Free to the public.