Our online banking service provides:

  • Detailed history including pending Mastercard® Debit & Credit Card transactions
  • A fast bill pay service called ePay
  • FI to FI Transfers between Community Financial and other institutions
  • eAlerts sent to your email or texted to your phone
  • Secure Message Center and ePay bill pay Support Center

Watch this quick video to see all of the benefits of eBanking!

Setup eBanking Today!

To use our online banking service, you will need the eBanking ID (username) & temporary password set up at the time of your account opening. If you do not have an eBanking ID or temporary password, please call our Member Contact Center at (877) 937-2328.

On cfcu.org, complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the eBanking ID (username) in the upper right corner, click LOGIN.
  2. Enter the temporary password, and click Submit.
  3. Read the Online Banking Terms & Conditions and click Accept.
  4. Reset the temporary password as directed. You may change your eBanking ID, but this is optional. Click Continue.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) involves having layers of security protecting your accounts. eBanking will ask you to establish a picture, an email and three challenge questions that will be used to validate your ID before executing high-risk transactions.

Once you have reviewed your contact information, click Update Now to edit or Looks Good to complete enrollment. Click on the eBanking Tab to view your accounts.

Please note: ePay requires a separate setup process within eBanking. Click on the ePay Tab and follow the steps to completing enrollment. Once complete, you can add individual or bill payees, set bill payment alerts, and schedule payments.

If you have questions or need a password reset, please call our Member Contact Center at (877) 937-2328.

Mobile & Online Banking

Online banking is simple, flexible, convenient, and it can improve your ability to monitor your finances. Understand how to enroll in mobile and online banking services and follow the 8 best practices for staying secure in our Money Matter$ eLearning Center.

Online Banking Benefits

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