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John Evan Cash Foundation

Posted By: Robin Cash (July 19, 2022)
The John Evan Cash Foundation (JECF) is a volunteer-operated organization focused on Mental health advocacy, educational scholarships, focus groups, and financial assistance for mental wellness care.
Our mission is to educate, support and advocate for those otherwise not have the support they need to live a productive life despite mental illness. We do this through:
1) offering financial support to students working to become mental health professionals. 2)supplying much needed winter wear to homeless young adults, many of whom suffer from mental illness. 3) educating and encouraging those that need support in a non-judgmental and caring
Although our work often touches people from many backgrounds, our primary focus is on young
adults from under-served communities. These individuals often are self-medicating and/or suffering
in silence. Many are homeless and have no family to lean on for support.
JECF annual Fundraiser "A Walk 4 M.E." on Oct 1, 2022 brings Mental Health awareness.