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Novi Community Coalition

Posted By: debbie wertz (July 17, 2021)
The Novi Community Coalition is a non-profit organization based in Novi that strives to empower youth and strengthen families through collaborations and partnerships to bring research-informed framework of fun, community based strategies to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors to help youth and families thrive and create a safe and nurturing environment for all.

This summer we are hosting a Festival of HOPE (Helping Our Parents Engage) which is a free outside event that will offer local individuals and families with resources, supplies, tips, screenings, and family friendly activities.

We are also partnering with other organizations to give programs to youth on emotions/self awareness, coping skills, social awareness, kindness/respect, relationships, empowerment and for parents, trauma & ACE’s, how media effect youth, drug free youth, and strengthening families.

We are also working on collecting community data to assess the needs of the community.