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Camp Casey

Posted By: Molly Reeser (June 4, 2018)
For over a decade, Camp Casey has been bringing free horseback riding programs to children with cancer and rare blood disorders in Michigan.

Camp Casey's Horsey House Call program surprises children with a knock on the door and horse on their doorstep for the afternoon. Children, who are often too sick to attend regular summer camp, are able to have "camp" delivered to their homes!

Camp Casey comes equipped with a horse, crafts, games, pizza and more! The entire "neigh"borhood comes together to celebrate, honor and lift up a family that is going through hard times.

$1000 from Community Financial's Summer of Sharing would directly go toward making a Horsey House Call happen this summer for a very special family. We'd love to extend an invitation to your staff to join on the fun and volunteer for the Horsey House Call that YOU make happen.

Thank you for considering Camp Casey!