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Sparrow Freedom Project

Posted By: Brigette Robarge (July 17, 2021)
Sparrow Freedom Project Mission
Sparrow Freedom Project’s mission is to build a survivor led community supporting and empowering exploited and trafficked individuals on their journey to achieving independence through services and prevention.

What’s Happening Now
The greatest need for survivors in 2020 was for immediate temporary shelter and a safe place to live. In response to last year’s 230% increase in assistance requests due to the pandemic. Sparrow Freedom Project is expanding its wraparound support service program by 26%. The expansion will increase our reach and emergency relief efforts to more survivors of exploitation and trafficking.

What Kind of Impact Will Your Donation Make?
With the very generous donation from Community Financial, Sparrow Freedom Project will provide wraparound service, especially for temporary shelter/housing, food security and medical care to ensure basic needs can be met.