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VINA Community Dental Center

Posted By: Sam Jorgens (June 1, 2022)
VINA is a nonprofit dental clinic that provides low-cost dental care to low-income, uninsured Livingston County adults. Dental appointments only cost patients $25 and cleanings are $10. VINA treats more than 1,200 patients annually — approximately 65% of these patients are seniors on fixed incomes. VINA provides restorative, emergency and preventive care as a "dental home" for patients in need. VINA also provides free, comprehensive dental care to veterans through two different programs.

Most of these patients haven't received any dental care in years or decades because they cannot afford the high costs of dental care without insurance. Many patients suffer from pain and infections that impact their social, emotional and physical well-being. A lack of dental care can also prevent patients from receiving chemotherapy or surgeries.

The $1,000 from Community Financial will allow VINA continue to provide low-cost and free services by helping us purchase necessary dental and medical supplies.