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Return to Winners

Hillman United Methodist Church

Posted By: Susan Cloft (June 23, 2021)
Hillman United Methodist Church reaches out to their community in multiple facets. One facet is through the Back-to-School Bash (BTSB). The BTSB is in its ninth year and is a one-day event designed as a fun day for the family as they prepare to go back to school. While the focus of the day is to ease the burden of parents by providing school supplies, hygiene products, and back-packs, they also have fun. Their goal is to provide the children with the items they need to get a good start on the school year so that they and their parents don't have to worry about purchasing basic items. For the last eight years, Back To School Bash has given supplies to over 130 children each year, as well as providing fun and a meal to over 160 children and their parents.