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Hillman Senior Citizens Center

Posted By: Nancy Tarr (June 19, 2018)
In 1981 seniors in the Hillman area raised money to build the 1st Senior Center in northeast Michigan. Working together became a tradition and a necessity in order to pay the utilities and maintain the building. Last year the Hillman Senior Center paid $16,000 for a roof, made possible by heroic fund raising and long term planning.
This year they are challenged with an empty bank account and a $3,795 bill for the purchase of a Wet Fire Suppression System. Buildings where food is prepared and served are required to meet new fire safety standards, making Hillmans's system obsolete.
We are asking for help so we can continue preparing meals---including Meals on Wheels, for any & all seniors in this area. Doctors all agree that nutrition and companionship are the most important needs of seniors. At the Hillman facility we serve both.