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Susie Q's Kids, Inc.

Posted By: Dr Mary Welsh (June 15, 2020)
Your donation would aid us in making comfort bags which we distribute to local nonprofits such as hospitals, foster care, shelters, and those grieving. Our mission is to brighten and inspire the lives of children and young adults.

We were started in honor of our daughter Susie who passed three years ago. We have been featured by 105.1 Bounce, The Gello Show. Our bags have gone to Big Family of Michigan, Haven Shelter, and Childrens Hospital.

Susie supported children's causes and gave back in the community.She found inspiration in coloring and knowing others cared. It is our mission to continue her legacy and support children.

In addition to books, crayons, cards, pencils, markers, cuddle items, our bags will include a children's grief and inspiration book and coloring book of good characteristics to model created by Dr. Mary to let them know they are never alone and awesome.

Visit our websites for more information: