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Community Financial Credit Union has been enhancing the lives of our members and our communities for over 70 years. The word “community” is not only in our name, but it is the core of everything we do. Community Financial remains committed to supporting the communities we serve—but we need your help!

What GOOD Could You Do With $1,000?

Do you know of a worthy organization that could use some extra funds? This summer, Community Financial is donating $60,000 to nonprofit, educational, and community organizations throughout Michigan!*

That’s $1,000 a day every Monday – Friday from June 13, 2022 – September 2, 2022!

Begining June 1st, you'll be able to SHARE your story of which organization you think deserves $1,000 for the great work they do in our community.

Our 2022 Program has now ended. Check out this year's recipients!





Lewiston 50 Plus Club

Posted By: Janice Burtch (June 2, 2022)
As with the world, our senior center took a hard hit with covid. We lost our long time president, Danny Burtch in December 2021. He had big dreams for our center, its members and our community. One big dream was to bring it kicking and screaming, into the present. We have acquired a pool table, which needs resurfaced, among other goals like new comfy chairs, brightening the center up and making it more appealing. This grant would be used to bring those wishes to life. It would carry on his legacy, and bring others together to socialize safely something we all strive for. Thank you for your consideration.

Stuckey Elementary Day Treatment

Posted By: Rachele L Janz (June 2, 2022)
Hello, my name is Rachele Janz, and I am a teacher who works with elementary emotionally impaired students at Stuckey Elementary Day Treatment Center, in Redford which services children in the elementary, middle and high school levels from various school districts in Wayne County.
Our current population is 104 students, of which 19 are female. I would like to start a "girls' club" where we can provide them with the necessary tools needed based on their current needs; ie; hygiene, peer pressure, extra-curricular interests and a feel of "belonging" and support needed as being the "minority" in our building. I believe having this money would be a great start for our girls to have this money where we can create a place they can feel more comfortable when dealing mainly with "girl" issues in a much needed way.
Thank you.

Livonia Public Schools--Roosevelt Elementary

Posted By: Jane Stanton (June 2, 2022)
Our Elementary school is planning on creating calming spaces within classrooms, and a in a separate large classroom. This year, we have seen a large increase in lack of social-emotional skills, especially with our K-2 students. These calming spaces will allow for staff to meet and teach strategies that will follow these students for their lives and allow them skills for regulating and managing their emotions, stress, and ability to cope. 73% of our students this year have needed social-emotional or behavioral support. I am the building social worker and have seen first hand how much assistance our students need. In order for all of our classrooms to have the items needed for a proper calming area/cool down zone requires money that we do not currently have. receiving this grant of $1,000 will allow us to build our school community and instill life long skills for our students. Thank you.

Stuckey Center

Posted By: Renee Kraus (June 2, 2022)
Stuckey Center is a school for severely emotionally impaired k-12 students. Our program implements the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports program. With this program students earn daily tickets that can be used in our point store. The funding would be used to purchase items for the store so the students have a varicose items to choose from.

Vista Maria

Posted By: Cheryl Courage (June 1, 2022)
Vista Maria is nonprofit agency that is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect for youth and their families in Michigan. The agency provides a comprehensive continuum of care that includes individualized, residential mental health treatment and community reintegration/transitional housing programs for youth aged 11-24 who experienced abuse or neglect. Additionally, Vista Maria operates The Freedom Center, a residential treatment facility specifically for youth who were are victims of human trafficking, which includes Michigan’s only licensed, emergency intake service for adolescent victims of trafficking.

A $1,000 grant from Community Financial Credit Union would allow Vista Maria to provide the support and resources necessary for at-risk youth to believe in their worth, build skills for success, and ultimately heal.

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