Summer of what good could you do with $1000?
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Summer of Sharing Campaign

Community Financial Credit Union has been enhancing the lives of our members and our communities for over 65 years. The word “community” is not only in our name, but it is the core of what we do. We know that Community Financial would not exist without our members and the communities in which they live.

Strong business can only grow from a strong community that benefits everyone, which is why helping nonprofits, educational, and community groups is a part of our culture. We believe these groups have a tremendous impact on the communities we serve and it’s both our responsibility and pleasure to support them. We are committed to the communities where we do business and have devoted both time and money to help them succeed. Partnerships with local school districts, The Salvation Army, United Way, and American Cancer Society are just a few of the ways we are making a difference.

To help build stronger communities, we are reaching out to our neighbors and asking for your help. Think about it. 

What GOOD could you do with $1,000?
 What charity, community group or school group could use some extra funds?

Nominations will begin on June 1, 2018.




Courageous kids

Posted By: Rola jordan (June 21, 2018)
The give the families with special need kids a social life

Bethany Christian Services

Posted By: Alex Hansen (June 21, 2018)
Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization that brings families together and keeps families together. Strengthening families for the well-being of children is our top priority. Our services include adoption, foster care, and pregnancy counseling. We also provide counseling to families, assist refugees and immigrants resettling in the U.S., and partner with several international countries to help keep families together. The work we do equips families to be the answer for children in needóas Christ intended.

This charity is presently seeking help in regards to the children being separated from their parents when they crossed the United States border. Dozens of immigrant children ó among them babies and toddlers who "can only cry about what's happening" ó are now in the care of a refugee center run by Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids.

Salvation Army

Posted By: Barb Pilat (June 20, 2018)
The Bed and Bread program is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c) (3) organization. Homeless and hunger are problems many Detroit residents must deal with day in and day out. Thatís why the Eastern Michigan Division of the Salvation Army participates in the Bed and Bread program. They are dedicated to feeding to feeding the hungry residents of Detroit who are unable to make it to a soup kitchen as well as providing overnight shelter for those residents who cannot sleep in beds of their own. On a yearly basis, they provide 1.3 million meals and more than 130,000 night of shelter throughout the city of Detroit. No matter the weather conditions, the trucks travel 130 miles daily making more than 50 stops on multiple routes in Detroitís most desperate areas. The trucks run 365 days a year that includes holidays and ways when the weather may prove dangerous because they understand that hunger doesnít take any days off.

I have rode on the trucks and served meals and it really was a life changing experience. The need is so great and the people are truly thankful for the service that is provided. With school, being out for the summer many school-aged children donít receive a meal from their school and for many the Bed and Bread truck food is the only meal they receive all day. The need is great and this program really does make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Lewiston Fun Ones, Inc.

Posted By: Bert Abbott - Lewiston Fun Ones/President (June 20, 2018)
Lewiston Fun Ones has been active in our for many years. We provide a community emergency kitchen for programs like "Meals on Wheels and Grant Sponsor for our local snowmobile trails. We encourage and provide a gathering point for snowmobiling, ATV riders, kayak and biking enthusiast coming to visit and enjoy our community, which support our local businesses. We also donate to and even more important perhaps, provide a location for fundraising with other non-profits such as Wertz Warriors, Lewiston Little League, Car Show, Community Sharing and Charity Classic to name a few. We are working very hard this year with new programs, such as a Health Fare,Education programs, and new adventures to enhance our options for our community. This does require us to reach out in creating community awareness. We would very much appreciate partnering with Community Financial with our continued work in "Commmunity".


Posted By: Bert Abbott / Treasure - Lewiston DDA (June 20, 2018)
Our Lewiston Downtown Developement Authority - Famrmer's Market has been established for about 5 years now. We are a non-profit organization and have done all of our work with our DDA solely through donations. Our mission is to enhance the community in which we live with both the availability of fresh produce, and provide a gathering place for people to socialize and share positive community information and experiences.

We have recently moved to a new, more permanent location in our town...partnering with other new businesses, working together to revitalize our area. However, any time you make a move, it takes extra effort and monies to be successful. Additional monies would help us to invest further in our community focus.

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