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Community Financial Credit Union has been enhancing the lives of our members and our communities for over 70 years. The word “community” is not only in our name, but it is the core of everything we do. Community Financial remains committed to supporting the communities we serve—but we need your help!

What GOOD Could You Do With $1,000?

Do you know of a worthy organization that could use some extra funds? This summer, Community Financial is donating $60,000 to nonprofit, educational, and community organizations throughout Michigan!*

That’s $1,000 a day every Monday – Friday from June 13, 2022 – September 2, 2022!

Begining June 1st, you'll be able to SHARE your story of which organization you think deserves $1,000 for the great work they do in our community.





Rio’s Athletics

Posted By: Carmeletta Johnson (August 16, 2022)
Rio’s Athletics started as love and passion for Coach Rio, to train his son (Brent) to become one of the greats.

That quickly changed when him and his Assistant Coach created Next Generation Hoops, 4th-5th grade AAU basketball team.

This organization help less fortunate children who can’t afford to pay for sports fees. Rio’s Athletics help keep these boys busy off the streets and from making bad choices in life.

They travel all over, State to State to play AAU basketball and the coaches pay for everything. This organization is helping children build confidence, teamwork, work ethics, most importantly it’s keeping our kids off the streets.

This $1000 would really help with tournament fees and travel cost for our boys. This would lift a lot of the financial burden off of the coaches.

Rio’s Athletics is training our future athletes to be the best that they can be.

New Path Villages

Posted By: Ray Stanczak (August 16, 2022)
The Detroit-based organization, New Path Villages (NPV) is creating a self-managed community of cost-effective tiny homes for people in need of housing. It is their belief that housing is a basic human need that everyone deserves. NPV seeks to bridge an often-insurmountable gap between the street and conventional housing with a variety of inclusive, cost-effective housing options in an Eastside-Detroit neighborhood.

What GOOD could New Path Villages do with $1,000?

“1000 $ will buy the time of the civil engineer we need to certify the drawings for the plumbing infrastructure required to add toilets and sinks to all the tiny homes. That’s the immediate need.”
– Mike Willenborg, Director of New Path Villages

Scholarship America

Posted By: Sayan Shah (August 15, 2022)
We would like to nominate Scholarship America, because we would like to give opportunities to students that can not afford college. We are two brothers (age 13, and 16) and our goal is to help contribute to sending kids to college. Since 1958, Scholarship America has sent over 2.9 million students to college. This year, our goal is to reach $5,000 for Scholarship America and this $1,000 would help us reach our goal. $1,000 could help kids achieve their goal of attending college.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lewiston Area Historical Society

Posted By: Gregory M Arbogast (August 15, 2022)
The Lewiston Area Historical Society has obtained copies of the Montmorency Tribune dated 1939-1970. It appears that these periodicals have never been digitalized. Working with the Clarke Historical Library, these valuable resources can be preserved and made available for all through the process of digitalization. Any money obtained will be used to make this happen.
Searches can be done by name, date and event. The history of our county will be preserved for all to read and use. These papers are a priceless look at our county though time.

Wee Care

Posted By: Christina Hansen (August 15, 2022)
Wee Care is an outreach program that provides material help for precious babies. It is a place where families can turn in an emergency situation when their needs can not be met by other organizations or public agencies.

Our baby layettes are lovingly filled with clothing, warm blankets, diapers, and other necessities.

The babies are referred to Wee Care by churches, hospitals, visiting nurses, social agencies, pregnancy help centers, and others.

Wee Care exists solely due to the generosity of their many friends.

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