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Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc.

Posted By: Louise Derry (June 1, 2018)
Sleep is vital to childrenís physical, social, and cognitive development. Itís as important to growing minds and bodies as proper nutrition and exercise! Sadly, informational and economic barriers prevent many children from getting the healthy sleep they require. Without intervention, a good nightís sleep can remain a distant dream for some of our communityís most vulnerable children.

Sweet Dreamzzz, Inc. has innovative programs that empower low-income students with the sleep awareness, practical nighttime materials, and adult support necessary to follow a bedtime routine and get healthy sleep. Children who sleep well are more likely to succeed in school and in life!

$1,000 can provide 200 low-income preschoolers with a copy of Goodnight Moon, so they can relax without screens before bed. Or, it can provide 100 disadvantaged elementary school students with a sleeping bag, so they can experience warmth, comfort, and their own sleeping space.

Thanks for considering Sweet Dreamzzz!