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Hope Shore Alliance

Posted By: Donna Robillard (June 10, 2018)
At Hope Shores Alliance, we work with victims, providing safe spaces for them to heal and be heard. We provide validation, hope and strength to ALL survivors who seek our help. As northeast Michiganís leading experts on sexual and domestic violence, Hope Shores Alliance believes that everyone has the right to be safe, believed and supported. Our professional staff supports and advocates for survivors and their families with a variety of free and voluntary services and resources. Hope Shore has recently opened a branch office in Montmorency County to allow residents in Atlanta, Hillman, and Lewiston to receive support and services without having to drive an hour to Alpena. Many times survivors do not have the means to drive that far. A donation would help fund this branch office with needed supplies, educational material, assistance for women and children, and other start up needs.