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For the Love of Cats Rescue

Posted By: Diane Letkemann (August 12, 2019)
For the Love of Cats Animal Rescue is a 5013c Non Profit, No Kill Shelter. They are a ALL Volunteer group who work tireless hours to save as many of the babies as they can! Along with adopting out cats and kittens to loving homes they are also very involved in TNR (Trapping, Neutering and Releasing) Feral Cats.
Many different communities across the metro Detroit area have contacted them for help in reducing the number of feral cats in Mobile Home Communities and other neighborhoods. A Volunteer from the organization will help them trap, neuter and release feral cats and when space available take in the kittens.
This group also educates people on the importance of Spay and Neutering to stop the over population problem there is today.
This is a wonderful rescue and with a $1000 they can save many more lives!