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Mid Michigan Honor Flight

Posted By: Robert Petersen (August 19, 2018)
Mid Michigan Honor Flight takes World War II,Korean and Vietnam Veterans to Washington, D.C. to tour the memorials that their country built for them.They fly free of charge with all expenses covered. We cover 51 counties in Mi. We take 2 flights a year at a cost of approx $110,000 per flight. This becomes a time of capturing lost history, healing from combat stress disorders, and a chance to welcome our veterans home (many of whom were rejected by our citizens during the Vietnam war).These flights bring the community together with police, fire departments, veteran coalitions, youth groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, Blue and gold star mothers, etc. Our motto is "It's never to late too Thank a Veteran. For many of these veterans it is the last chapter of their life and for some it is virtually the last paragraph.