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Plymouth Canton Community Literacy Council

Posted By: Chalina Hillson (August 4, 2019)
If you have ever traveled to another country and experienced the frustration of not knowing how to speak the language or felt embarrassed because you used an inappropriate word or the wrong tense, then you have some idea of what people from other countries experience when they arrive to live or work in the United States.
The Plymouth-Canton Community Literacy Council (CLC)is a volunteer, non profit organization that trains tutors to assists adults with their English language and literacy skills. Adult students are either matched with an individual tutor or matched with one of our area conversation groups moderated with a trained tutor.
Most recently, we have focused on English as a Second Language (ESL) parents of children who are enrolled in the Plymouth-Canton Community school district. Assisting adults with improving their speaking and understanding of English also realizes an added benefit to their children.