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Northern Michigan Opioid Response Consortium(NMORC)

Posted By: Joyce Fetrow (July 11, 2022)
NMORC is a non-profit 50-member Consortium addressing the opioid epidemic in a 21-county region. The counties are located in rural northern Michigan. NMORC consists of the healthcare facilities in the targeted 21-county region (including all hospitals, hospital-affiliated clinics, and Federally Qualified Health Centers), Community Mental Health agencies, Local Public Health agencies, harm reduction organizations, counseling centers, treatment centers, recovery community resources, law enforcement, and EMS. Our work focuses across treatment, recovery, prevention and workforce. We collaborate with multiple organizations to address the opioid and substance use crisis in Northern Michigan. Funding received will be used to distribute narcan to communities. Narcan is life saving medication used for opioid reversal. We would also invest in unused medication disposal education and medication safety for securing prescription medication and keeping them out of the hands of the unintended.