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Remembering Cherubs

Posted By: Colette Hughes (July 7, 2022)
I’ve never being a mom. I guess that wasn’t my path. I’ve never experienced the loss of a child so tragic that it stops the life of the parents for a season until they figure out how to continue in this Journey called life. Over 40 years ago, my sister had twin boys who died of crib death. It was one of the first cases in Michigan. In 2021, my dear niece lost the handsome baby boy she carried for 9 months and expected to bring him home. He died right after her C-Section delivery.. Both ladies were devastated beyond belief. Remembering the Cherubs is a Pregnancy Loss Support Organization who helps with the devastation. Helping the moms /dads with that level of devastation and grief is priceless and deserving of the $1000 donation.