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Posted By: Debbie Wertz (July 27, 2018)

Novi Community Coalition is hosting “Life is Your Playbook” led by former NFL linebacker for the New York Giants and Super Bowl Champion, Greg Jones. Greg was the first MSU to earn back-to-back consensus first-team All-American Honors since Bubba Smith and George Webster. Greg imparts knowledge and skills needed for youth using several different “life plays” and interactive activities. The program is designed for students to focus in on their leadership development, team skills, and goal-planning. Each student builds positive self-esteem, creative mindset, and the potential to help them to be successful leaders now and in the future. Students will walk away with real-life expertise to be confident individuals while collaborating with others as a team, learn empathy for each other, and learn the communication skills needed to lead into creative innovators and critical thinkers. These skills are needed to become successful individuals.