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Mi Work Matters

Posted By: Kelly Rockwell (July 16, 2019)
Dreams Matter. The hopes and dreams of childhood are often the tender starts of future careers and callings. For most of us. For people with developmental disabilities, opportunities are limited. Employment rates for adults with disabilities are less than 20%. Mi Work Matters is working to open Anastasia and Katie’s Coffee Shop & Cafe in Livonia. It will be an exciting hub for training and paid, inclusive employment for people of all abilities, while serving as a springboard to greater community employment. Many have shared that this cafe may be the only opportunity for a first job and a first chance. The need for paid employment for people with disabilities is urgent and real. A $1,000 donation from Community Financial would help pay for equipment – an ice machine, a freezer or a sandwich station – getting the doors to the coffee shop open and some awesome people to work!