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Friends of Northville District Library

Posted By: Linda Schwelnus (July 21, 2018)
The Friends build a strong relationship between the library and the community by promoting, supporting, encouraging, and enhancing the services of the Library.

NDL's Youth Area is a popular gathering space for children/families. In addition to childrens' computers with educational games, board books and youth DVDs, the Library also provides room for play! The puppet backdrop is popular for playing with the large assortment of puppets (available for check out!). Toy bins feature educational toys. Puzzle tables are in constant use.

We would use this grant to enhance the collection of hands-on educational puzzles, which help improve spatial awareness, develop motor skills, and build logical thinking skills. We would add to/replace some of the educational toys, like magnetic maze manipulatives; color changing touch-boards for fine motor practice/pre-writing skills; dressing frames with buttons, snaps, buckles that that reinforce early literacy skills and preschool readiness.

thank you for your consideration!