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Pajama Program

Posted By: Louise Derry (June 30, 2022)
Sleep is as important for children’s development as nutrition and exercise. Challenges like low family income, housing insecurity, and family instability make it difficult for many children to feel secure and comfortable at night, follow a bedtime routine, and get a good night’s sleep. This compromises their health, well-being, and school performance.

Pajama Program provides bedtime basics, sleep health education, and caring connections so children facing adversity can have a comforting bedtime routine that leads to healthy sleep. We surround children and their caregivers with the materials, information, and support to make bedtime better. Our vision is Good Nights for Good Days for all children, everywhere.

$1,000 will help us give local Head Start teachers the training and tools to deliver our two-week healthy sleep curriculum to preschoolers, and a connected sleep health presentation to parents/caregivers. Our teddy bears, pajamas, books, and reminder materials help students follow a bedtime routine at home.