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Gaylord Patriotic Quilters

Posted By: Sally Nowak & Diane Schlak (July 12, 2019)
The Gaylord Patriotic Quilters is a group of women who make quilts for veterans to honor their service to our country and for veterans who apply to the Otsego County Veterans Affairs for assistance. We began 6 years ago and have presented 87 large quilts to veterans and 198 smaller quilts to the Veterans Affairs. The quilts are presented to men and women referred to us from the Gaylord VFW or from citizens who ask us to honor a veteran in their family or neighborhood. All the cutting and sewing and quilting is done by volunteers and we rely totally on donations for our supplies. Many of the men and women who receive a quilt tell us that they never felt recognition or gratitude for the sacrifices they made during their deployment, but these quilts serve as a comfort and a thank you to these soldiers.