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Gaylord Community Productions, Inc.

Posted By: Al Glasby (July 12, 2018)
"Let's put on a show" - That's what Sandy Gartelman & Sandy Glasby said when the Alan L. Gornick Auditorium was finished being built (Community auditorium inside the Gaylord High School). To say thank you to the community and the Alan L. Gornick family the girls initiated the aud. by borrowing the money for the stage musical: MUSIC MAN .They gave back the money they borrowed & more. That set off a 23 year experience of bringing to the Gaylord community Broadway style stage shows. And, through the generosity of local businesses have been able to provide a show once a year. "Rights" to put on a show are very expensive; rental of the auditorium is very expensive; and keeping up with technology and the need to replace "microphones"; buy lumber, etc etc, and what's necessary to "put on a show". Please help GCP with your generous giving.GCP awards scholarships.