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Vista Maria

Posted By: Kirsten Adgate (June 4, 2021)
Vista Maria is nonprofit agency that is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect for youth and their families in Michigan. The agency provides a comprehensive continuum of care that includes residential treatment, individualized mental health treatment, community reintegration, and aftercare programs for vulnerable youth aged 0-24. Additionally, Vista Maria operates Michigan’s only licensed emergency intake service and treatment housing program for female victims and survivors of human trafficking.

The overwhelming majority of the girls and youth receiving care at Vista Maria have histories of severe sexual or physical abuse and neglect, mental illness, cognitive impairment, substance abuse, poor academic performance, and unresolved grief. A $1,000 grant from Community Financial Credit Union would allow Vista Maria to provide the support and resources necessary for at-risk youth to believe in their worth, build skills for success, and ultimately heal.