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Starkweather Academy

Posted By: Collin S Bertram (June 4, 2019)
1,000 would be a tremendous help for the community. Starkweather serves our community's at risk students from ages 16 to graduation. 1,000 will provide books for these students to read. Many of the students are not engaged in traditional learning and need to be "sparked" by their personal interests. I would use 1,000 to purchase books for them to read. In turn, they will become more engaged in their education, graduate high school eventually, and then return the gift 100 fold to the community as they become the model citizens many believed they never would become. These books will be selected based on a variety of high interest levels and personalized reading ability to provide maximum achievement. For whatever reason, the district is having trouble finding the money to purchase books for our most vulnerable students. Hopefully, cfcu can help.