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Friends of Northville District Library

Posted By: Linda Schwelnus (July 20, 2021)
The Friends of Northville District Library promote, support, and enhance the services of the Library.

We want to create a more welcoming environment for families/individuals on the autism spectrum by creating/installing a core board for communication. This low-tech but cutting-edge tool will allow non-verbal people to more freely communicate with caregivers/library staff, and access to the library and its services for people of all abilities is improved.

The 5’x3’ board would contain some library-specific terms (book, check-out, etc.) and would be accessible to all. Also, a smaller board for the Youth bathroom, hand-held boards for use while in the library, and several sensory kits for check-out are requested. These kits include a variety of visual, tactile, and auditory toys that can be used by kids, teens, and adults. Kits may include fidgets, used to soothe or distract agitated kids or as a fun sensory break or reward.