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ConnectUS Michigan

Posted By: Jenni Darden (July 5, 2018)
ConnectUS is a volunteer run nonprofit designed to provide quality programming for individuals with severe multiple disabilities​ at no charge to participants or their families while providing educational hands on experience for student interns and volunteers. At weekly programs volunteers are paired with a disabled buddy (​most use wheelchairs) and hand-over-hand they follow simple instructions at each station until a project is complete. Completed projects are then donated to other local nonprofits creating a community of collaboration! We have made Hygiene Kits for the local Salvation Army, Dog Biscuits for Teacher's Pet program and muffins for the Peanut Butter and Jelly Outreach in Plymouth just to name a few! ConnectUS relies entirely on fundraising and gifts from generous donors to help further our mission and to build and purchase adaptive equipment that enables even the most severely challenged individuals to participate in productive activities.