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Educational Excellence Foundation - P-CEP Robotics

Posted By: Pam Heestand (July 5, 2018)
No other organization has directed the course of my son's education as Lightning Robotics, Team 862 from PCEP. He is not an artist, not a musician, not an athlete, not a scholar, yet he found his place in his future by participating on this team. He is succeeding in college because of this organization, it's leader, Mr. Obsinuk, and the hundreds of mentors, supporters, teachers and parents. It gives students the opportunity to grow outside of their shell, feel unafraid to fail, and celebrate their successes. They learn the importance of team building and leadership by giving back to the community, mentoring the elementary and middle schools, and most importantly the quality of gracious professionalism. The cost of participation, travel and competitions can be expensive, and a $1,000 gift would guarantee those who want to participate on the team can, without any financial burden to their family. Thank you.