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ENOUGH Initiative

Posted By: Alana Connolly (July 15, 2021)
The ENOUGH Initiative has not only been of great assistance to myself, but also to my friend who was fleeing domestic abuse with her children. My friends ex began stalking, threatening, and harassing me after I housed her upon leaving the relationship. This still continued months after she moved into her own home. Nicole is an amazing emotional support and full of resources. She had helped us secure the house, get our CPL’s, and connected us with experts on these type of aggressors. ENOUGH and Nicole are always there to guide us thru the legal procedures, especially scary days, and point us in the right direction forward. ENOUGH was actually a greater assistance than the local domestic violence shelters. I am very grateful and inspired by the strength of ENOUGH’s fearless leader, Nicole Beverly. Its amazing how she turned pain into power and helps others deal with these situations. Thanks